@ Friday, November 28, 2008 ●

It is 3:33 AM now...
and I just woke up right after I sleeptalked.
... Bloody scary.

Just watched the whole of Fatal Frame III in just two days.
Though it was my second time watching the ending, but I seriously cried watching it again. Too emotional liao. @__@;;

That bloody period is here again...
hurting everywhere... Including my heart.
It ached a bit. So yeah.

I do not bother saying what happened during the CO camp, because I practically forget everything, except for the murder game, which was TIRING. That's all.
Not including where I accidently drank the 'extra' milo.
Crappy, I tell you. D:

I am apparently slacking for I do not know what good reasons because Maria is doing Nigaito and I am picking Alice's costume tomorrow today.
I am SO going to wear a corset.
Gah. Losing more blood. @___@

Today met Izumi for lunch~
and went crazy after eating ice kacang.
Water makes me crazy. I don't know why.
Then I chanted yaoi and Izumi goes ... staring at me.
and we ran up on the 'down' escalator. :3

... Fun though.

I am losing more blood...
Okay, then I went to Yuki's house, then walked to the haircut shop and cut Nigaito's wig.
She says I do not fit in green hair characters. >:

But I still want to do it!
I am so going to eat tofu every damn day.
... and skin whiting lotion thingy.
I am born naturally tanned-brown.
So yeah. D:

Now I know why I feel so tired nowadays.
I shall glomp Rund-chan tomorrow.
Well, if Rund-chan is reading in here...

Miho will pat your head 40+ times. 8D


P.S : Let me sleep... forever...
by Reika Kuze from Fatal Frame III.

†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†