@ Friday, November 07, 2008 ●

My mum is soooo sweet~
and I don't know she can scold me for the slightest things on Earth. =w=;;

Ah well, just plain internetting today.

Watched Kara no Kyoukai and Kemeko Deluxe.
Kemeko Deluxe is super funny, but not suitable for kids.

Okay. Apparently, went out to eat with my mother.
And I think I grew fatter. I felt heavier. .A.

Tomorrow another six hours of practise~ Even if I want to sleep. ._.;;
People~ Should I change my blogskin or should I change the music?
Which one you want?~

Tell me, okay? ;3

Tags Reply~
yuchi: wooosh! relink! 8D http://yuchimatsuyama.blogspot.com/ <3 thanks!
Miho : Relinked~

Yvonne: Bomb! I'm here to blow off your bloggie XD
Miho : I lazy to bomb yours~ But I POKED YOU. D<

Aishah: ue knoe nowdays i've been listenin to vocaloid lols 8D
Miho : Can't help it. It is addicting. @w@;;

Oh well. Here goes my email...
And it is another fucking spam email.

I have to CHECK on my costumes, and for God's sake, to me, my costume is IMPORTANT than your stupid spam emails.

Bullshiat. >_>;;


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