@ Thursday, November 06, 2008 ●

My sister forced me to dance with her. @___@;
So... @___________@;;;;

But ah well, great exercise lar.

Just watched Tales of Abyss, Chaos;head and Kuroshitsuji.
It is AWESOME. <3
Especially ToA.
No, not DOA, neither it is DOTA. >_>;;

Updated cosplay plans!~
And won't be showing the plans to you all. :3

Fucking fat thighs... Wished my handphone really call me up. TT____TT;;
A teaser for Chaos;head~~~ <3

OOOOooo, so gorey. 8D
Modern day crusification~~~
The cross-shaped needles are to pin the corpses up to the wall.

Sorry, sudden fetish for gore and violence. @__@;;


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