@ Wednesday, November 19, 2008 ●

Rawrrr~ Might be going out with Yuki tomorrow~
and currently reading more yaoi. -glooms-

Ah well~
Went for CCA and got stressed up. =_=;;
then waited in school for one hour until Choir lets their little chicks out. =_=;;
For this one hour, thought and missed him.
But ah well. ._.;;

Met Izumi and walked to my house, then she ran off to her mother's shop. =w=;
Then waited for Ai-chan to come.
And waited VERY long. =_=;;
Then she came and we went for Manga Class.

After manga class, walked back with Ai-chan, then walked back home~

And died. =w=;
No lar, still reading yaoi.
Just thinking how to pay my figurines.

Even Silverwolf have a 'SPECIAL BOX' to put all the figurines I reserved.
I feel bad, dude. .A.
I will try and pay. IF I can. TT____TT



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