@ Wednesday, November 05, 2008 ●

Today, two person came and hijacked my house.
... Not really. xD

Suzu and Alanna came to my house and WAKE me up at 8 AM.
Then they ran off the East Coast Park.
While I used the computer for a while to check my costume thingy, then go and sleep again.
About 12, they called my handphone AGAIN and bugged me to open the door.

Wobbled to the door and opened, then Alanna used the computer, while we watched Room Raiders on MTV.
... homg. 36C?! -glooms-

About 1, wanted to go to Yuki's house but rained heavily till my jeans got all wet.
So stayed at home till about 2 then go out.
Then flowed to Yuki's house and watched Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei till 4:15 then go out and post a letter, then go to MRT station.

Yuki went off about 4:30 to get her Naoto costume, while I rotted and died at home, checking on my emails again.
Then about 6+, flied to Manga class.
... When it is STILL early.

Ah well~
Thanks to Yuki for letting me rot and die in your house. =w=;;

Owata! \(^0^)/


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