@ Monday, December 01, 2008 ●

Catch the comets that seem to be burning and light the fire
I want to love, I want to be loved
By one chilled body, what will become of the world?
The bravado that I kept up is dissolving; long for...

-Diamond Crevasse by May'N from Macross Frontier.

Ranka and Sheryl. Your songs are too addicting. ;A;
Just watched finish Macross Frontier.
Let's talk about this morning. :3

Woke up bloody late again.
About 12 PM and realised that I was ... late for going to Chinese Orchestra.
Crap. Emo-ed for a bit.
Until Alanna and Saleha came to my house.
Best friend always, huh? :3

Then we go ECP.
They went to the water, I take pictures for them.
... and they always like to hug me whenever they got out of the water. .A.
Dammit lar you all. D:

Anyway, after walking back home~
After Alanna bathed, we played a round of 'Stress' while Saleha go and bath. =w=;;
Then they left for lunch in Parkway.
And Hazel/Izumi came.

She then gave me all Yuki's photo of Naoto.
Now I just have to send her. =w=;;
Anyway, watched Macross Frontier and Fatal Frame 2 together, until Saleha and Alanna came back... with balloons. =A=;;

Then I have this crazy idea.
I thought of writing our wishes on a piece of paper, and then tie it to the balloons.
And let them fly into the sky, hoping they will come true.
We then immediately prepare and write three wishes on the paper.
Then we place it on the balloon.

We then go to East Coast Park and got ready to let our balloons go.
So, we finally have the bravery to let go our wishes...

I wonder how is it now...
Probably still in the air, soaring high...
We then decided.
Every 1st December, we all would meet up and let go our wishes, allowing them to float in the air, hoping they can come true.
And we are only bringing the retarded five :
Alanna, Saleha, Hazel, Eugenia and me.

Then we went back home. :3

Anyway, I was surfing through blogs and blogs.
I wonder why. Probably because I am bored.
and I saw someone talking about me.
And I know that person is talking about me
because I am the only JANICE in Chinese Orchestra.

Look, bitches.
I know you all LOVE to gossip about me.
All LOVE to talk about me.
Very nice
and insulting.

May your lips be sewed by a needle with red thread.
And may it bleed till you die.

I wanted to be by your side all the time
I can't hear the music
I fall far away from you
On my blue, blue, blue journey

- Ao no Ether by Megumi Nakajima from Macross Frontier

Yeh, I am now officially a Macross Frontier addict.


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