@ Thursday, December 04, 2008 ●

Hairspray~ I need hairspray~ For style my wig~
and I have to sew one broken part.
Must be done by some stupid person who moved the chair and kapoked my wig.
-goes get needles and thread- =_=;;

Anyway. tomorrow today have CO until 5...
Need to wake up at 9 AM...
Tuition teacher ish coming!
Then~ Go and meet Rachielle to buy her pre-paid card. =A=;;
Then rushed to CO.

I want to go for class BBQ, but my family bought TICKETS for the movie Bolt.
Oh wow~ Another movie to sleep in. >_>;;
Whatever is it, I don't want to sit WITH my sister.
She is getting damn ... acting to be daddy's and mummy's pet.
Whatever, I don't care.

-plays Touhou-


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