@ Sunday, December 07, 2008 ●

I am not sick. I am 100% not sick. I am really not sick. I am not acting weird. I am not sick and I am not stressed. I am not panicking. I am not sick. I need to perform tomorrow. I need to wake up early tomorrow. Whatever is it, I am not sick.

I am supposed to meet Maria today, but it seemed that she has something that crashed into our meeting, so could not meet.
I can't do the meeting on Tuesday, it would be too late.
SO I am meeting her, tomorrow, at 7:15 AM.
Might want to change it to 7 AM. Need to discuss again.

That means I need to wake up earlier.
And that means I need to get ready for tomorrow soon.

However, my body is acting very weird.
My head hurts.
My stomach is really weird now.
My body feels weak.
and the problem is : I slept the whole day today.

I finally have a solution for my triple eyelid. Apparently, the fake eyelashes helps to 'act' like a glue for my triple eyelid.
So that mean, I don't expect one eye to look bigger or the other to look smaller.
I hope this works.

I want to learn how to sew. So I can make my own cosplay costume, without too much money. Spending $100+ on one costume is really... not worth it, unless you are telling me about Haseo from .hack//G.U., which is mostly impossible to do it by hand. I don't want to go to Haru or Oraku House just to buy one overly priced costume. I want to make my own costume. I want to...

I need to go tomorrow. My friends are expecting me. The orchestra needs me, I mean, the whole group. I must go tomorrow. I can't afford to skip this important concert. I need to go... I can't afford to let down this CCA that puts in so much efforts into this concert. I can't afford to waste the efforts that I used during the practice.

I need to go tomorrow.
I must.


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