@ Monday, December 08, 2008 ●

Maria, remind me to poke doubly hard on Wednesday, when I get my costume.

Slept at 5:50 AM and woke up at 6:15 AM. Alarm clock. Bingo.
Realised that I will be late for Maria's meeting, I changed it to 7 PM.
Slacked and changed, then rushed to school.
Prepared to fly off to concert.

Went to the theatre at about 8 to 9 AM?
Then had breakfast, curry puff tart.
Ate it and feel VERY full. Thanks to the 200 sit-ups. =_=;;
Did a full dress rehersal(?) and ... went to eat lunch.
Then came back and do make-up.

Yeah, I was actually trying to do 'pale, sick' person make-up, but failed.
The people started to come in. And I got very scared.
Went up on stage, and saw Izumi.
Her face was like "Oh ho, I found you" face.
That's why I laughed.

After the supposedly called 'last song', I was thinking "OH HO. LAST SONG."
And SOMEONE shouted for encore.
Bryan, remind me to poke you too.

After performance, I went out to find my mother and my cosplay partner who is Izumi.
I was so happy that I can jump off the stage and hug her.
But you know, I can't. So yeah.
Grabbed(?) my bag and zhong hu, then went shopping with my mother.
Then met my father and ate Teriyaki Chicken ( actually I wanted soup, but I am too tired to stand up and order myself. So my father helped me order. =A=;; )

After that came home and flopped dead on my bed.
Yeah, slept.

Until 1 AM, when I called Izumi and Yuki.
Realised Yuki could not come. But ah well.
-patpat- I r un-
-got stabbed-

Today is another day of fun!
I hope it would be fun...
if I slim down, that is. D:


Death awaits you...

†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†