@ Thursday, December 11, 2008 ●

The song really fits this blog, huh?
Snow thingy, a song smoothing to ears, and a cute guy over there.
Even Night/Yuki was like "Kyaaa" when I told her about it. =w=;;
But my Christmas mood is not here. I don't know why.

-sighs- Yesterday was so fun. >w<~ Can't actually believed a small kid got influnenced by me. Homg~ I influnenced a small kiddddd.
... But she ish not cute. = 3=;;
They are cuter. -points-

Yeah, Handmaidens from Fatal Frame III.
They run around trying to stab stakes or sharp little sticks into feets and hands.
Impalement Ritual. Awesomee~~

I guess Hisame is the craziest.
You can see how they attack in here.
Really very cool. >w<~

Ah well, back to topic ( Kinda stayed off-topic too long, right? = 3=;; )
Went to Ai-chan's house and played Kingdom Hearts II.
Homg, Riku X Sora. <3
There is a lot of scenes of them being together~
But Ai-chan don't want to fight with the 'Nobodies'. = 3=;;
I want to see Riku in action~~

And I made this up :
Sora : Where do you think the door of light come from?
Riku : ... -points down-
Sora : ... YOU SICKO. D:

Lol. :3
Anyway, rushed off to grab my contact lens, and went for manga class.
Hilarious, I tell you.

Me : So how do you FEEL being rejected?
Ai-chan : ... Sad.
Me : How do you FEEL being sad?
Ai-chan : ... Sad?
Me : How do you FEEL being sad?
Ai-chan : .. -did not say anything-
Me : How do you FEEL not saying anything?
Ai-chan : SHUT UP LAR. D<

... Lol.
Anyway, went back home with her and realised my MP3 player's headphone is not working. D:

Rawrrr~ After saying that Handmaiden thingy, I went to research on Fatal Frame III again. =A=;;
The engraver LOVES blood~
and Kyouka looks like a camwhoring person lar.

How do we thought that she is cam-whoring?

A picture says a thousand words.

Fatal Frame ish niceeeee.
Go watch it in Youtube. Fatalframer39 ish a kind person who allows us to watch his 'interesting' walkthrough. =w=;;

-rolls around-

Go to the other side
Go to the other side
Cast the boat, Take a ride
Cross the rift to the other side
Further and further to the other side
it must sail bearing your tattoos
And our offering of tears

-The Sleeping Priestess song from Fatal Frame III


†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†