@ Tuesday, December 09, 2008 ●

Today went out with Izumi-chan and her brother.
Hate to say this, but he lacks of exercise. =3=;;
Anyway. Met them about 2+PM, then rent skates~

Skated to McDonalds' to have lunch, then skated to the steep slope, but in the end, turned back to return skates.
In the end, the person over there gave me 30 minutes free, so we went to the skating ring and skate for 25 minutes, before I return him back the skates. xD

Then Yuki FINALLY came.
Okay, so we go to my house, and they were either saying that it is dusty or whatever. =w=;;
Then played with Izumi and her brother the airplane thingy and he won.
Izumi lost, lawl.

Then they went back home. OvO~

Anyway, I painted my nails greeeeeeeen, for Nigaito.
I don't like green, but for Nigaito's sake and my laziness, I painted it now. xD
Lazy to paint the day before EOY. xD

I need to call Maria. @____@;;



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