@ Tuesday, February 03, 2009 ●

Why? No one knows. Only the female herself knew that she was just too devasted to the country she just left. Her dark brown eyes closed for a minute and starts thinking. All the homeworks, her best friend starting to ignore her, her art homework, and the most heartbreaking message before leaving Australia. The female then thought of what happened just a few hours before departure...

With her father looking angry, she softly speaks through the payphone,"Er... Can I say something to you, Elky?"
"Yeah, sure," he replied back with a sweet tone.
"... I love you, okay?" she rushed the words out of her mouth, "Okay, I have to go now, alright? See you"
"Wai-", before he could say anything, she placed the phone down and rushed to her parents.

Opening her eyes, she looked at the small TV which was placed in the backseat of the plane's chair. Even with her jacket on, she felt colder. She placed the blue jacket onto her shoulder and started to sink into thoughts again. After a few seconds, she realised tears are forming in her eyes. Did not want to show her tears to her mother and sister sitting beside her, she quickly held back and told to herself,"... Like what Elky says all the time. 'It will be okay.', right?"

A small smile appeared on her mouth.

His voice is still in her head, even though she missed him.
And she felt that her relationship with him got deeper.

and I called him today again. 8D
Okay, sorry for the story mode.

Gold Coast is fun, for your information and those people who wants to ask me "how is the Australia trip?"

Well, I have to sleep now, so I might be updating this post on Thursday.

Depends on my mood. <3

Right, Aaroooooooooon? -stares at the person who she called but got caught off because his phone has no battery-


P.S. : Yup, I decided to use his name instead of "Elky". So ... -flies away-

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