● Coscon + HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUG~ @ Saturday, May 23, 2009 ●

Went out with UKE-CHAN again today~ <3
Went to see her family eat and feel DAMN out over there. -keeps quiet-
Nevermind, then flew to Suntec City to see Coscon~ xD

Met LIQING, Harenai, and Crimsom_Cerberus.
Nicknames are Meiko Sweetheart, darling and CRIMMY-MIMI.
Anyway~ Gave chu to all of them~ xDD
AND uke-chan~ <3
Sorry hor, I don't know whether I got left you out or not. ; ;
After that, flown to JUST NOODLES ( or Just Acia ) to eat with the group.
deathbymugging ish SHOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEE. -squeezes cheeks- > w<;;
Had a pocky, hot green tea and pepsi. Ho god, sho fatting. ; ;

Then rushed to Eugenia's birthday~
Well, can't really remember so many things, but met a lot of nice good friends and a ... someone to bully at. o wo
Changed to a purple dress because I don't bring my things for nothing. ; ;
Sang happy birthday to her~ and see people give her so nice presents~
-envies- xD
Then went back, and realized I left my wallet there.
GWAH. I am sho blur. TT _TT;;
Then went back home on a bus full of -cough- sorry to be racist here but -cough- Malays shouting here and there.
Good thing I got my MP3 with me. ^ w^~
After that, flew back home while singing~ xD

GAH. IT IS 12 AM ALREADY?! I felt it is like 11 PM. ; ;
Okay, prepare to sleep~ xDD


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