● KC Family Day 2009! @ Sunday, May 31, 2009 ●

Haunted House is a success! Phew...

Anyway, woke up at 6 AM, flew to buy pancake and bread then rushed to school.
Helped with the wigs and some make-ups and off the ghost-chans went~
I had to be Suzu's eyes for a moment because she was pratically blind but uke-chan insisted on wearing the red contact lens. :X
I wore and everyone goes like "OMG, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYES?!" or "OMG, YOUR EYES".
... Happened about 300++ times already. = w=;
Anyway, 'paraded' around the school with uke-chan and went in the Human Sphere with uke-chan too.
I did nothing but she was RUNNING AROUND like no one's business.
-lies on the ball flat- = w=;

About 1:30, it was my shift.
Went in the Haunted House and had to control the smoke machine~
So tried putting back my original but PHAILED.
Want to get my glasses back but FORGOT TO BRING. ; ;
So control it blindly.
Hey, no one gave me detailed instructions, 'kay? ; ;

Anyway, went out at about 2:30 and went to uke-chan's class for a few minutes.
Really had no appetite, so donated to their class $1. 8D
Donate to my class $2. 8DDDD
-got shot-

Anyway, some memorable moments are ... :
- Suzu camwhored with MY handphone camera.
- Uke-chan is VERY VERY hyper when she is in the human sphere.
- Alanna laughed at high-pitched guys screaming.
- Two people cried in the Haunted House and 1 person fainted.

Family Day is a success, huh? :3
Great day to you all~ <3


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