● Streetfest 09! @ Saturday, June 13, 2009 ●

Woke up late and was SUPER blur.
So instead of going to Somerset, I flown to SEMBAWANG.
So flown back to Somerset and met Zelmer. OH GOD, I WAS LOST. ; ;
Anyway, went to change, and got out of the toilet.
It is weird, I swear.
Zelmer was asking what I need, I turned my head behind and looked at him, then he went "CUTE"
... wtf.

After putting make-up and placing wax in wig, the epic group is ready to leave!
When we reached the venue, we were asked to do a pose~
And we posed~ And stood there for ..... 5 to 10 minutes?
Around there.
But there was a swarm of photographers like bees coming out from the beehives. = A=;;
Ah well, the most I can find in SGCafe are closed up to Kaito. = w=
-hides behind Kaito again-

Anyway, Pheliosstar told me go in front of the Vocaloid group.
Well, I don't want because Nigaito's character is meant to be SHY. . A.
But they placed me in front. >:
Later, they dragged me into competition.
NOOOO. I don't want. ; ;

Ah well. We went to the booth at 3:30 PM as instructed, but there was a band playing, so we have to wait till 4 PM. = 3=
After that, we went there at 4 PM as instructed and was told to come back 1 hour later.
.... WHAT. D:
No choice, so we went and rest...
Drink water or what so...
Then started camwhoring...

and the whole team started to camwhore. xDD

Me : -looks at Zelmer-
Zelmer : -stares-
Me : -stares-
Me : ... Kira! -does Ranka Lee's pose-
Zelmer : Poooof~

... No, I don't know what happened. xD
15 minutes before stage time, Kaito and I went to the MALE toilet for touch-up of make-up.
Then Rin comes in to tell us that we have to go already.
PFFT. Sorry, Rin. xD
Went on stage, being SUPER out of character, went down.
WTF. -emos-

Went to take neoprints...
But they filter all GREEEN. So, no place for me.
-emos- wanted to give a chu to Kaito. -sniffs-
Ah well.
Then I realised I lost my glasses, but good thing the cleaner kept it. <3
Then went back home...

and refreshed myself with a bath.
-sighs- xD

Ah well~ Await for the next one~

A.K.A NightXX-
-got shot-


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