● Summarizing Everything since Cosfest... @ Wednesday, August 19, 2009 ●

Okay, let me calm down first.
Before I start nosebleeding over again for Vocaloid's Magnet song again.
... Boys Edition.

Alright, I am back to life.
Let me fly back all the way to Cosfest.
Rushed to Suzu's house~ Get my make-up done there~
Thanks my lovely lovely darling. <3
Then rushed to Downtown East with my Sebby.
Uke-chan, for those two days, ish my seme. Just TWO days.
Because she got platforms and she is taller than me, by a few CMs. = w=;
My Sebby flown to elsewhere to do her singing competition, while I walk around.
I might as well say that I am doing solo. = 3=
I was alone for about 1-2 hours.

Starved myself and waited for Uke-chan until 4 PM, then we went and eat lunch.
Uke-chan ... continue playing with her wig while I eat my lunch/dinner.
After the event, we went to Wai Yi A.K.A fujiwarachiaki house.
Tried to fix the zip, but spoilt.
... I am fat. -emos-

The next day, rushed to Suzu's house again~
The first time I see her wearing the scarf thing on her head. 8D
Took taxi then rushed to Uke-chan's house.
Got irritated by her being pissed off over someone rushing her, but ah well.
Nagged at her brother to study while I wore the costume again.
Ahhhh. -headdesk-
Reached there, waited for Uke-chan again.
After she sung her song, we went parading with G.U.I.L.T-HikariHayate and ... I forgot who.
Then Uke-chan has to go back home.
Accompanied her until her parent's car arrived, then go irritate Scarlette. 8D
Asked her to help me take off the costume, if not I will be stuck in there for about 20 minutes. = w=;;
Then gone back home~

It was tiring, but I am glad to meet everyone there. ^ w^~

I just received back my prelims results.
Overall, one word describes all. Degrading.
I could have a farking A1 for Combined Science, because of careless mistakes, I got a B4.
SCREW IT. Seriously.
And I failed English, by one mark.
Now I am horribly scared for 'N' levels.
Screw examinations. TT___TT;;

I ... shall fly away now.
Like my new blogskin? 8DDD


EDIT : ... I am addicted to 2NE1.
Gah. >:
Here is one of the songs I like~

Also, I shall post up one of my camwhores I did. xD

Sticking to You, Like a Magnet

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