@ Sunday, October 11, 2009 ●

'N' levels are OVERRRRRR.
I am GLAD that it is OVER. Ah shheesssshhh.
These three days I have been going out~
And I am happy, because it is hard to stay at home 24/7 hours for one whole month.
Anyway, I just had a photoshoot yesterday. . w.
Let me see...
Met Kurohoshi with Kazu at Dhoby Ghaut MRT and met Yuuwa over there too.
Then went all the way to somewhere near Park Mall and met the other photographer. . A.
Walked across the traffic lights and realised that Kurohoshi hates sunlight.
... No wonder she is sooo pale. . A.
Reached to Fort Canning Park and went to change...
Kurohoshi did make-up, and the way she did was very cute~
I remembered how she went hyper over putting eyelashes on me. . w.;;
Did some photos and went really very tired.
Yeah, I woke up like 7 A.M. in the morning being scared whether the costume is not dry.
Went to Marina Barrage, and was pratically scared of being splashed by the water or kiddies running around wet. . A.
But the pictures were NICE. ^ w^~~
I will be waiting for Tuesday~


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