● January's Review @ Thursday, February 04, 2010 ●

Hey hey~ Masaaki Miho here.

2010 started off fine, until I lost my voice with sore throat.
Hard straining my voice, especially through the phone.
So missed one whole week of school. : D
Unfortunately, I did not really catch up with everything, was lost at week 3.
Teachers then expected me to pass up, but was still trying to rush everything.
After much cramming, still did not pass up because I forgot to bring.
Chinese teacher called, and I went crazy.
I admitted I did not really do the homework, but I swear that I passed up the homework.
Now is English teacher, and I broke down a total of four times.
It is because I forgot the English template was underneath a pile of books and did not bring to school for a whole week, she lost my trust.
Pretty much nearly wanted to go crazy and cry in public.
Oh wait, I did. . A.
Please, it is embarassing. TT ATT;;

Everyone now is asking about my homework.
and I really feel like going crazy.
For this whole month, I can't believe how many homework I finished.
It is not like last time. That's why I am shocked.
I also thought this month is March, when it is just February or January.
Even my favourite hobby is driving me to the wall.
I can't sew, I have to find tailor.
I can't do make-up, I have to ask a friend.
I can't do props, ... that is for real.
I can't really style my wig, but seriously, I suck at it.
I broke all the rules for a real cosplayer.
So practically, I fail.
No one is supporting me, except for Izumi and Teru.
... I don't know about Kazu, but yeah.

I had scheduled myself with gym trainings and going out for this semester.
Monday - Hit the gym with Jovin, train her.
Tuesday - Hit the gym. ( replace with anything which is more important. )
Wednesday - ( Current ) CCA, at night, Hip Hop class.
Thursday - Hit the gym with Suzu, then study with her.
Friday - ( Current ) CCA.
Saturday - Chinese tuition in the morning, hand out with Kazu later.
Sunday - Follow my sister to her dance class, then go shopping.
Yes, I am watching my diet and my studies.
Also joining Hip Hop classes because I want to throw my stess on dancing.
I want slim figure, prease. -prays- TT ATT;;

Goals and aims -
♪Get about 10 - 16 points for 'O' levels
♪Dance like BoA
♪Get into a Design or Media School
♪Continue having a strong relationship with Kazu and my sister. ♥
♪Hanging out with my best friends, Saleha and Alanna, more often. ;3
♪Be more positive.

Haha, my designing for post sucks. 8D
Here is a song I am currently obsessed with~ ♥

The way she dance is AWESOME and so as her songs.
Great that she hit the USA, heh? :3

Alright, going to have Bio test tomorrow.
Wait for next month's review. 8D


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