● [ . February Review . ] @ Tuesday, March 02, 2010 ●

Lollipop Part 2 is in my head.
... Sheesh, what a way to start off my review.

Anyway, February ... is ... the toughest month ... I ever ... encountered.
Also meaning that February is one hell of the year.
Let me see, what happened during this month :
- My phone got consficated.
- CAs is really screwed up.
- Used up about 50% of my ang bao money.
- Mood swings screwed up my brain.
- Just screwed up.
Anyway. One month down, a few more months till many many obstacles I yet to face.
Oh God, how long am I going to endure all these craps...

February, I celebrated early Valentine's Day with Kazu because Valentine's Day is on Chinese New Year.
... and we can't celebrate on Chinese New Year, because we have visiting to do.
Right now, I am waiting for White Day.

... You don't know what's White Day?
I shall explain.
In Japanese culture, on Valentine's Day, females gives to their lovers or crushes something to show their love.
On White Day, which is one month after Valentine's Day, males give their lovers a gift to thank them for showing their love.
or something like that.

As I was saying, in the month of February, we have CA.
Some teachers are really helpful, and are so good that even arranged a retest for us...
While some just smack our papers back to us, saying we fail.
Stressed much? Awesome...
Nowadays, I am having lack of sleep.
Even it is hard to keep awake during lessons...
Ah sheesh! MUST NOT GIVE UP. -smacks self awake-
It is really time to make use of the time. @ A@;;

I did not cosplay for one whole month~ Woohoo~
Should keep up this way, huh. I wonder.
Teru told me to set up my priorities, and the first one is studying.
I did not forget you, Kazu~ It is just that 'O' levels love killing us.
So yeah. -emos-

Holidays are coming and YAY, I finally have my sleep.
... I think.
Let me see. -takes out schedule-
15th March - Photoshoot with Kazu.
16th March - Party~
20th March - The Cathay or chalet... Still thinking.
Ah well, the rest of the free days, I shall hit the books.
Literally. Hit the books. -slams books on table-

Hmm, I had changed a bit, becoming more enthu about my homework and rushing my studies...
Oh sheesh, forget it, I haven't change a bit, I am still tired. xD;;

Right now, K-ara songs are in my head.
Dammit, Suzu, you got me addicted to that butt-shaking song. -headdesk-
And this is one of their new songs~
K-ara - Lupin

Alright, I shall await for the next review


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