● . March Review . @ Monday, April 12, 2010 ●

... It had been a while. Since I lasted blogged.
Sorry, was busy, depressed and mood-swinging like mad.

After that incident, my caring best friends left me.
I fell straight into depression.
Yes, to people who went out with me, I was pulling a fake smile.
Forgive me, I really have no mood to smile, so pulling a fake smile is the least I can do.
I suffered about 3-4 weeks depression, and I hate to say it but I am still facing depression.
It is not his fault, it is something else.

Okay~ So let's start with March holidays.
Stressed, bored and deprived of his appearance, I braced myself by going out with oka-san and my friends.
and sadly enough, I totally forgotten how he looks like.
Oh god, what kind of girlfriend am I. -facepalm-
So my holidays ended with his arrival.
Since he missed out White Day, he gave me a couple ring on that exact day.
Together with a usagi pencil box and a panda plushie.

The next day was his belated birthday party.
I will not explain more because explaining it more hurts me.
That day was the most horrifying but painfully memorable for me.

After that, I could not concentrate in class.
I dozed off everytime I want to focus.
but everytime I think about it, mood drops, and I just want to close my eyes and sleep forever.
And surprisingly, I forgot a lot of information during that week.
I felt like stepping into a brand new school.

... Yeah, it is scary.
This is my important year, and I felt new to everything.
Okay, I will not brag into this.
So, my skin got worse, due to stress and the hot weather.
I am getting lack of sleep, because I choose to wait for someone's phone call.
Now I am sooo sleepy till I thought it was 12+ when it is just 9:35.

Right now, I have decided to stop cosplaying for a time being.
The lastest I will be doing is on Cosfest.
Or so. I am not so sure...
Whatever is it, I will be hitting more on photoshoots next year.
I will start on 'SHERYL☆' project and 'Megurine Luka' project.
Yeah, icons FTW~

Photos from Vocaloid and Kuroshitsuji have yet to be editted...
ARGH, I want photoshop again.

Yeah, have been hearing depressing songs.
I hope my depression get away before I will just fall deeply...


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