● Review for ... the months that I did not update. 8D @ Friday, September 24, 2010 ●

Yeah, I was lazy. HOHO.

So, my art is completed, FINALLY. Goodness, it took up my prelims timing. OTL
No wonder I flunked for Maths paper 1. -smacks head on bed-

My room is re-arranged in the manner that it became cosier and more comfortable. Not to mention, they installed an air-con in my room, which also adds in to the cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Which means, I am screwed, as I will be distracted from studies.

I have a solution though, which is study outside. Ryuna Jas has been helping me by telling me to finish my work before going home. Very glad to be back with her again. :D

Also, I have talked to Alanna and Saleha again, that means my depression is fully gone. However, I lost my confidence.

Last time, I kept thinking "Faster get it over and done with."
Now, thinking about it, I wish there is more time for me to get prepared. So yeah, I am not prepared for O levels, and I am pratically panicking. Yet, other people were like "I am more worried about your examinations than you are."

Truth is, I was, also, panicking, but I don't show it on my face.
Because once I panic, I will get nervous and scaed, and I will cry.
So I forced myself not to panic.
Yet, instead of panicking, I am more of worried.
They say "Don't worry! You can do it de!"
Thanks, but, no thanks. I am not sure myself anymore.
I will try my best, but will prepared for the worse.

Alright, it is 2 going to 3, and Kazu is having his second day of work today. Three more days, and after his NS test, he is free. So, time to occupy my time by going to the library and study bah.

So so, see ya after O levels!
I will come in to check once in the while.
See ya!!

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