● Aftermath of O levels and AFA @ Sunday, November 14, 2010 ●

I wanted to run out of the hall and scream "F**K YEAH. O LEVELS ARE OVER."

... Nah, too scared. = w=;;
-bangs head on wall-

So, after the paper, Suzu and I went to my house and changed.
So, we went to Parkway to play L4D.

"Do you feel it? The wind of FREEDOM!!" - Suzu

After playing L4D and fetching Suzu off, I rushed to the airport, where I met Kazu.
FINE, I DON'T SUIT THE ONE I AM WEARING, but hey, at least I wear something different from the usual. OTL

Met Night and Sakurazaki!! \ 0 /
Saw them cutting and preparing their Cure card...

... and got tempted. OTL
Will. Wait. For. Better. Cosplays. And. Better. Photos. OTL

Naoki arrived in Singapore~ \ 0 /
She asked Kazu and I to be her host in Singapore, and we agreed.
Turned out that there is a host prepared for her.
Ah well! We went to accompany her to eat dinner, and was a little messy. -headdesk-
And they start distributing Cure cards.

Went back home late for the first time after O levels. -sighs of relief- = w=;;

AFA day 1
Called Kazu early in the morning and went back to sleep.
That's all for today. 8D


Joking. OTL
So, rushed down to get Night's tape and Kazu's tape.
And rushed down to Suntec Cityyy~
After reaching there, accompanied Night in the toilet to change, and Kazu called me out to do his make-up.
I was pratically panicking doing his make-up, because I seriously rushing to finish it so he can go elsewhere for photoshoot.
... but it seemed I took a longer time. OTL
-bangs head on wall-

So Kazu and I walked around, he had photoshoot, and ...
.... my throat drastically got SUPER dry.

My stomach also starts to hurt, and I was hoping I could have a nap while he have photoshoot, but a concert was disturbing my sleep. So forget it. OTL
So we went to have dinner, and since I was super thristy, I bought a Pepsi, and just when I was going to buy food, Kazu told me we had to rush up again. -facepalm-
So my Pepsi is the only source of food. : D

After his photoshoot, we decided to go to McDonalds, and I decided to buy ... just a McNuggets set. Spent time with him, and went home.
Then went to sleep! But was worrying about his make-up and stuffs, so could not really sleep...

AFA Day 2
... wh-
... nevermind. Woke up at 6 AM, hoping to sleep again, but pratically fail because of my stupid stomach. Fine, fine.
Stomach, you want to be a bitch to me, I be bitch to you. No food. T8<
So I started play Pocket God till I am satisfied.

Around 9 AM, I called Kazu and decided to go to his house.
Okay, social link, go! -Persona 4 music theme-


I went out with my mum~
She talked to me about the pills she bought and told me to be careful and must exercise.
Thanks mum, I will. OTL
Went a little shopping at the market and bought a cute skirt~
But don't know whether can suit me or not. OTL
Rushed to his bus stop, and dreamed all the way to his house.
Woke him up, got some reference, stared at his ... chui ... wig.
Then rushed out.

Must remind self NEVER to take that sushi EVER again. OTL
I nearly wanted to throw away the sushi because I lost appetite, but he told me not to waste food, so threw one section of the sushi I do not like into the plastic thingy, and ate the rest. PHEW. = 3=

Went to the same hall as yesterday, and I saw Jasmine, Natsu and Mystics there~
Since I am Kazu's make-up artist, I decided to help the rest too, because they are new to Cosplay.

Rushed through Natsu's pimpley face, helped Jasmine with her wig, and Mystics finally finished tidying Jasmine's wig, helped Mystics with her red make-up blusher~, helped Jasmine do her eyebrows and contour, and helped Kazu do his make-up.

Kazu's make-up is the longest one, as usual. OTL

After that, my stomach started to act up. First thing in my mind "... CRAP. OTL"
After sitting down for so long, I stood up and followed Kazu, but he walked so energetically till I cannot catch up with him...

Saikang warrior - 1

I then sat down and leaned on the wall, and my stomach started to act up very badly. I decided to vomit out. Sheyan then followed me to the toilet, where I tried forcely vomit out the disturbing sushi, but apparently it was all stomach fluid gas. The pain slowly dispersed around my stomach area, but less pain. Sat down at the same spot, and slowly chat away....

Mystics then got back from her cosplaying, and wanted to eat her lunch. Chatted with her, then Bentoh and Nefuro joined in, chatted with Nefuro and with my shivering hands and chattering of teeth, and laughed~

SO, after 4 hours of sitting at the same spot, chattering of my teeth, freezing like hell, shivering like no end, waiting like an idiot, no signs of Kazu pei-ing me.
I kept waiting, until someone told me that my fingernails are starting to look like the colour blue.
I instantly cried. Because I pratically waited for him and my stomach is not helping AT ALL.

After seeing BenJ and talking to him, hiding my stupid tears, he went off, rushing, and soon later,


Oh great, he finally appeared, and I broke down again. My hands were freezing and my feet were freezing too. Kazu was worried and started to keep me warm.

Soon, everyone else got back, and wanting to get out of that damn hall, I rushed Kazu, because my stomach started to act up again. The weird vomiting feeling. ; A;!!

After eating and gossiping with Jasmine, Leonard, Kazu and ... I don't know his name de guy, I felt better but super weird. Went back home with a little arguments and apologies, bathed in SUPER HOT WATER.

HEAVEN. I AM ON CLOUD NINE. Homg, seriously traumatized. I don't dare to switch on my aircon ever again. OTL

and I think I have fever. Ah well. Rest tomorrow bah. OTL


†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†